I could imagine that one would think that if you work in the tech industry, chances are you are white, Indian, Jewish, or Asian.  You would probably be right most of the time.  And that is the stereo type of these race groups – a positive stereo type.  Sadly we don’t hear of very many black men in the tech world or even dominating the tech world.  Where are we?  Well, we are everywhere.  Its just that we are not known for being “techie“.  Not that its about “race”, but if one was asked what industry do black males dominate, they would answer sports (mainly basketball) and music (mainly hip hop).

All Star Code is one company that is changing that stigma as we speak.   All Star Code is an organization that is attracting young black men and introducing them to the business of Technology.  With summer and fall workshops, ASC seeks to teach these young men the necessary skills to be competitive in the word of technology and business.  These guys are walking away inspired to become successful in a growing industry having learned about app development, and entrepreneurial skills like leadership and teamwork.

I’m really excited to see our black male youth doing positive things for themselves and the community.   I want to see more and more of them becoming competitive in the tech world that is dominated by people from India and the Jewish and Asian communities.  We need to instill in them something my father told me as a young adult, to not only play these video games but learn how to make them.  By the way, the video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Click here to learn more about what All Star Code has been doing and their website at AllStarCode.org

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